I looked down at the phone in my hand, willing for it to ping. It had begun to drizzle lightly, he said he’d pick me up in 10 minutes i had been waiting for 30 . Irritated, I dialed his number again and once again all I got was the engaged beep reminding me he was busy speaking to someone else. Obviously it was someone important, more important than me. That was my 5th call to him that went unanswered. With tears threatening to spill over I pondered..everything and everyone had always been more important than me.

I kept wondering why I chose to live with him, even after it was so clear to me that I meant nothing to him. He dint love me or care for me. It had been 10 years last December, 10 years of living together in the same way. 10 years……hmm I remembered why. Cause it was easier than living with my family.

As I let my mind wander back in time trying to recall the exact moment I had accepted to live like this,like what you ask? Live with the fact that nobody cared. I thought real hard going back in time , way back..ages and ages ago.

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